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Capitol Hill High School

Class of 1961


Remember "That Wonderful Year"

The class of 61 was a very unique experience.  We had respect for our teachers and our classmates.

Remember the times when all the neighborhood kids played together.  How we would play kick the can, red rover, hide- n-seek. How we would play outside all day long only stopping long enough to eat a peanut butter sandwich and drink kool aid.  At night, we could stay out until the street lights came on and most importantly no one ever came to check on us. I would not trade my life growing up as a south-sider and graduating from Capitol Hill High School for anything.

Interesting facts about 1961:

Kennedy was our President
Life expectancy was 70 years.  Today it's 77.6
Federal spending was 97.72 billion.  Today it is 3.55 trillion
Average cost of a new home in Oklahoma was $17,200. 
Today it's $106,000
The cost of a first class stamp was $0.04
Gasoline was $0.31 a gallon
A gallon of milk was $0.49

Top movies:

West Side Story
The Hustler

Top songs:

Moon River,
Where the Boy's Are
Will You Love Me Tomorrow
The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Our favorite recording artist from the 60's are now revising their top hits to accommodate we baby boomers......

Ringo Star------------ I get by with a little help from depends.
The Bee Gees-------How can you mend a broken hip.
Bobby Darin---------Splash splash I was having a flash.
Paul Simon----------Fifty was to lose your liver.
The Commodores-------Once twice three times to the bathroom.
Leo Sayer------------------You make me feel like napping.
Helen Reddy--------- I am a woman, hear me snoring
Leslie Gore----------- It?s my procedure and I'll cry if I want to.
The Temptations----- Pappas got a brand new kidney
Carol Connors---------To know him is to hate him

The electric tooth brush and the first Frito Corn Chips were invented in 1961.

I remember Coyle DeMoss putting beer in his waterbed so he would have a foam mattress.

I remember Coach Speegle telling Mike that he was so laid back that it takes him two hours to watch 60 minutes.

I remember hearing Lynn Windel talking to Judy Cooper and Patsy Pulis one day.  Lynn, Judy and Patsy were talking about their grandchildren. Lynn stated I wonder what our grandkids will be saying about us 50 years from now.  Judy stated I would like my grandkids to say she was  successful business woman.  Lynn stated 50 years from now I want my grandkids to say he was a loyal family man,  Patsy stated 50 years from now I want my grandchildren to say, she certainly looks good for her age!.

Some thoughts as we are getting older:

You try to straighten out the wrinkles in your socks and discover you aren't wearing any socks.
When happy hour is a nap.
Your address book has mostly names that start with Doctor.
Getting lucky means you found your car in the parking lot.

Capitol Hill "Oh What a Night".
Bobby Cleveland



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